Trendy Single Door Wardrobe Designs to Save Space In Your Room

Whenever it comes to saving space in your bedroom, a single-door wardrobe comes forth as a big help. As the name suggests, this wardrobe has one door only. Thus, it can help you save enough space in your bedroom whilst solving the problem of storage in the same.

A 1-door wardrobe provides you with enough space where you can store all your clothes and secure them in one place. You can explore some amazing designs of a single door wardrobe at the leading furniture stores in the market. You can also shop for the best-looking single door wardrobe online at Wooden Street.

Wooden Street has become one of the go-to platforms of many people in the present time. This place has the best kind of furniture that you would want to decorate your homes with. At the same time, Wooden Street provides furniture that comes with utility. Thus, if you are looking for an amazing single door wardrobe, visit Wooden Street and explore the best options available here.

Listed below are some trendy designs of a single door wardrobe that Wooden Street has for you.

  1. Adolph 1-Door Multi-Utility Wardrobe:

This one-door wardrobe is one popular option of wardrobe available on Wooden Street. This belongs to a contemporary class of furniture. Thus, there isn’t any doubt or question in terms of the aesthetic appeal of this furniture item.


This beautiful-looking wardrobe is surely going to be the highlight of your room. This furniture is carved in Sheesham wood and it comes in a beautiful honey finish. Buy it from Wooden Street at the best prices.

        2. Holden 1-Door Multi-Utility Wardrobe:

Another option of a 1-door wardrobe that you will come across Wooden Street is the Holden wardrobe. This amazing wardrobe is simple and sophisticated. It provides you with ample storage to store and accommodate all your important stuff.

This wardrobe is carved in Sheesham wood in high quality and comes with three different finish options of honey, teak, and walnut. You can make the most of the drawers inserted into this one-door wardrobe.

3. Boho 1-Door Multi-Utility Wardrobe:

This single-door wardrobe is the best option of investment for you if you want to buy something which is very aesthetically appealing. The boho design of this wardrobe surely makes the arrangement look classy and fabulous.

This wardrobe is made using premium-quality Sheesham wood material and it comes in a fine honey finish. You can buy this wardrobe from Wooden Street at the most reasonable prices.

4. Martin 1-Door Multi-Utility Wardrobe:

The traditional design of this single-door wardrobe catches the eyes of many people. The carving of different geometrical shapes into the wood makes it look all the more contemporary despite losing its traditional essence.


This single-door wardrobe provides you with enough storage space to store all your items and assemble them in one place. The beautiful wood grain shade polish on the Sheesham wood looks elegant and charming.

5. Theo 1-Door Multi-Utility Wardrobe:

Another option of a single-door wardrobe that is popular on Wooden Street is Theo wardrobe. This multi-utility wardrobe comes with spacious drawers as well as cabinets. You don’t have to find another storage space when you have this wardrobe in your home.

This beautiful wardrobe is made in Sheesham wood of high-quality and it comes in different finish options of teak, walnut, and honey. Get it at the best prices from Wooden Street.

Wooden Street has an amazing collection of double-door as well as single-door wardrobes that can be picked online at the most nominal prices. Additionally, you can always enjoy better deals and offers on a variety of products available here. Shop for the best furniture from Wooden Street.

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