Factors to look for when buying garden chairs

The front or backyard of the home is a serene patio area where we do spend some time with nature. It’s the best place to avoid the world and stress from the hustling work schedule. Outdoors areas are extremely versatile in the sense that they can be used in various ways. Depending upon the space, the owners can arrange parties for a large crowd. Evening meals can be prepared there and relished with the family. Carrying utmost importance in any garden are the garden chairs. Maintaining their integrity to rescue them wear over time requires extra care.


Patio chairs are available in materials of plastic, metal and wood. Each of them requires a different maintenance process. Here we are with the pre-buying tips of the garden chairs.

1.Classification of garden chairs: One-size-fits-all is not the case with patio chairs. The creation of these chairs is done keeping in minds the needs of children, adults, and paunchy people. Let’s start with the patio chairs for children.

a.Usually, chairs made for children are prepared with plastic. Maximum size these furniture units can carry is approx. 40 pounds. Being colourful, garden chairs for children attract kids in no time. At the same time, they are ergonomically safe, durable and yield comfort. They are firm and can withstand any hard pushing or fall the child gives them.

Mimosa Lounger Chair (Daffodil Delight)

b.Chairs for adults are crafted in a way considering the average human height of 5 feet 10 inches. The shapes and sizes vary; however, an average adult chair should meet the criteria stated above. The bucket-shaped seats are convenient enough for taller persons.

c.The basic necessity of a chair for over-sized persons is to be durable and certainly not to be flimsy. Wooden garden chairs are the best alternative for the paunchy fellas. Plastic garden chairs are a big no for such people in any case.

2.Weather-proof garden chairs: While most of the furniture manufacturers are furnishing weatherproof patio furniture, it, still, is important to check this feature before buying. Waterproofed wooden and metal chairs won’t get affected by the seasonal change; however, it is ideal to use them before spring and store away before autumn.

3.Follow the oppositeness: The trend of mix and match is not today’s talk. It has been ruling since years. Be it the fashion industry or the furniture market; it is always good to experiment with contrasts. With the naturally attractive wooden centre piece, buy a set of metal garden chairs. If selecting metal chairs, play with colours for a jovial appeal and make sure they can be stacked up when not in use.


4.The durability of the garden chairs: To maintain your heavy investment, be sure to check the durability of the chairs to its best. Material choice is the prominent factor in this regard. Wood serves best when it comes to the long-lastingness of any furniture; however, it may rot from inside when excessive water is absorbed. Metal chairs prolong durability too, though, not as much as the wooden units. Ask any furniture expert for the same and make a final decision after that.

Conclusion: An ideal garden chair is the one, which can maintain the durability for a prolonged period, carry the weight of the person and weatherproofed. Another aspect could be the ease of storage, though, it’s secondary. Wooden patio chairs can serve you for a good number of years without wearing off. On the other hand, metal ones compromise with the looks, but are sturdy. Opting wooden garden chairs online is rather a good verdict in terms of looks, comfort and long lastingness.


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