Things To Consider Before Getting an Upholstered Bed For Your Bedroom

A bed with upholstered bed frame is a luxurious way to upscale the interior of a bedroom. In an upholstered bed, a finely raised upholstery is attached to the bed. Made of premium quality fabric, it provides an utter comfort to the person and a soothing look to the bedroom. From the different style of headboards, you can choose one that suits the decor of your room and beautifully enhances the look. Getting a bed with fine upholstery is a sign of class and sophistication. But before getting one, just ensure that you get the right one for your room. Here is a small guide for you which will help you to get the correct bed with fine upholstery:

1. Choose the correct foam:
The upholstered beds are available in several foams. While getting one for your room, ensure that you get a comfortable one. You should also be well aware about the material used in crafting of the bed. Besides getting a comfortable one, ensure that the upholstery of your bed is durable and a lasting one. Identify which type of foam gives you maximum comfort and is durable at the same time.

2. Choose the correct texture:
The different textures and colours add on to the style of an upholstered bed. You will find beautifully printed fabric, different textures and colours of the upholstery which can bring liveliness in your room. For a small room, you should go for a light shed upholstery, it will give a more spacious look to your room. For a large room you can go for a dark shed upholstery.


3. Check for your pets:
If you have a pampered pet, than an upholstered bed is not a very good idea as it can attract the pet hairs and all other particles and makes the cleaning and maintaining task tougher.

4. Consider your wall texture:
Considering the texture of your wall is important. If your wall has a rich texture, hiding it with a raised upholstered bed is not a good idea. An upholstered bed looks best when placed against a plain wall.

5. The upholstery of perfect height:
While getting an upholstered bed, you have to check for the height of the upholstery. If you have a low ceiling than getting a bed with very high upholstery won’t work as it will give a clumsy look to the room. As an upholstery gives height to bed, getting a heighted bed for a small room won’t be convenient.


6. The one suiting your style:
If you are new to buying the upholstered bed, confused what style would suit your room the best than you can go for a simple rectangle shaped upholstery. This style blends with almost every interior giving a simple yet sophisticated look.

An upholstered bed is the best way to add richness to a place. A bed with fine upholstery can add comfort and style to a bedroom in an elegant way. You can experiment with the headboard style to give the best look. However, before getting one, there are certain factors for which you should check like getting the one with correct foam which is comfortable to you and durable at the same time. Apart from that, choosing the correct texture and style is also equally important.


You can get a number of online upholstered beds online with distinguished features at an affordable price. You can get a premium quality fabric finely stitched which doesn’t worn out. On India’s first online furniture customisation store – Wooden Street, you can get your bed customised as per your need.


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