Buy a Wooden Crib For Your Child; Top 6 Advantages Of Getting A Wooden Crib

A crib brings in joy, not only for the newborns but for the other family members too. The swing sensation is admired by the child and it chirrups the entire family. So getting a perfect crib for your child should be a priority. While you may be searching for one for your child, let’s find out what are the advantages of getting a wooden crib:

1. Style options:
If you go for a wooden crib, you get too many style options as various finish options ranging from teak to mahogany are available for you. You can get a light colour finish or a dark finish as per the interior of your room. You can even get your wooden crib painted in different colour options.
Apart from the finish, numerous designs available in a wooden frame crib make it a stylish one to get for your child.

2. Portable options:
The wooden cribs are also available with the feature of portability. If you are running short of space, you should definitely prefer a portable wooden baby cot. The baby cot has a folding option and casters attached to it. This makes the mobility easy and allows you to keep a watch on your child while doing the household chores. The casters also have a lock mechanism. So when you lock the crib into the place, the crib will not be able to roll away.

Parson Cribs (Mahogany Finish)

3. Storage options:
The latest wooden cribs even have the storage option. It is a multipurpose furniture piece which is easy to set up and have a storage drawer or shelf attached to it. It adds to the functionalities as you can easily store your baby’s essentials like creams, nappies etc. in the storage shelf attached to your baby’s crib.

4. Convertible options:
The wooden cribs are also available with the option of convertibility. Some cribs can even get converted into a toddler’s bed. These are actually the lifetime cribs as they can be put to a proper use even after the child grows up. It is a cost effective furniture piece serving as the all time bedding solution.

5. Ensures safety:
The wooden cribs ensure the safety of your child as they have higher railings. Even if not, they have extendable railings, the height of which can be adjusted as per your suitability. So, it helps in keeping your child safe.

6. Durable:
Wood sets its standards high in terms of durability. A high-quality wooden crib can last for long and can even be kept safe for the next child. Apart from this, maintaining a wooden furniture is not a tedious task either. Cleansing of wood doesn’t require many efforts from your side.

While getting a crib for your kid, you got to ensure that you get a safe one for your kid as most of the time you will be leaving your kid alone in a crib. Getting a wooden crib will fulfil your this purpose apart from giving you other additional advantages of convertibility, storage and movability. Getting a desirable baby cot is not at all difficult as you can find some amazing baby cots online at an affordable price. There are different types of baby cribs available. Keeping in mind, the abovementioned advantages, you should get the perfect baby crib.

On the online furniture store – WoodenStreet, you will get some wonderful baby cots made of premium quality wood at an affordable price.



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