8 tips to get more bedroom storage space with the help of bedroom cabinets

A bedroom is a retreat from life’s anarchy. It is a place to relax and unwind. It is a place which gives inner peace and happy feeling. But it’s hard to feel placid when looking at piles of dirty clothes, a stack of unread magazines lying on the bed or searching through an overstuffed closet. This is where the bedroom cabinets came into existence. They are the furniture pieces which provide a clutter free and organised space in the house.

Hagborg Sideboard (Teak Finish)

Wooden cabinets for bedrooms can be open shelves cabinets or boxes with drawers and shelves. They are built to last with a design that represents the style and personality of the homeowners. Probably the decor accent of the bedroom, bedroom cabinets influences the style and mood of the space. They are an excellent way to hide unnecessary items and to showcase expensive and beautiful decorative items. So have a look at the various tips to maximise your bedroom storage space with the inviting and spacious bedroom cabinets.

1. Opt for build in the floor to ceiling cabinet: Consider investing in narrow and tall cabinets and shelving. You can build them around the window or the doorway and can fit a surprisingly amount of clothing, decorative items, accessories into a narrow space when it reaches all the way to the ceiling.

2. Go for extra wide dresser: If you have a small dressing room and if your dresser leaves wasted space on both ends then fill the entire wall instead with one long dresser to use every last inch. Filling the space from wall to wall can make your room look bigger, too and will also provide you extra space to keep the necessary items.

Andrew Chest Of Drawer (Teak Finish)

3. Make a closet where there is none: If you have a large bedroom area and if your walls are empty then transform one wall into a boutique-inspired cabinet with a combination of drawers and shelves. If you don’t want to display everything all the time then install a curtain in front.

4. Go for bedside tables with storage: Tulip tables may look elegant, but if storage is a main concern then tables with drawers, shelves and cabinets are must. You can use this space to showcase your photos, bedside reading and can sometimes also be used to store extra sheets or spare blankets.

5. Go all in one: Make the most of the unused space with custom built-in cabinetry that incorporates a headboard, nightstands and wardrobe. Aside from fitting your physical space, a custom piece means you get to choose exactly the right storage combination for your stuff. If you have little hanging space but tonnes of sweaters, then go with more drawers and shelves. If you love to read, incorporate a bookshelf beside your bed.

Leonara Chest Of Drawer (Mahogany Finish)

6. Shoe and accessory cabinet: If you are shopping lover and always run out of space in your closet for shoes and other accessories, then think about moving your shoes and accessories out into the open cabinet. Cubby-style open shelves cabinets work well for keeping shoes, hats and bags neat and easy to find.

7. Wall mount display cabinets where space is tight: If you have only a limited space in between your bed and the wall then do not worry, you can still utilise it. Squeeze in a tiny bit more storage with a super narrow console table with drawers to use as a dressing table or a display unit.

8. Go super sneaky with a chest of drawers: Have a really tricky corner space? You may fill this space by having a custom pullout chest of drawers or a shoe rack.

The bedroom cabinets are an exclusive style furniture units that are intended to provide an organised and clear nook in the room. They a can be used to keep clothing, accessories, etc. or can be used to showcase decorative items. An open shelf or closed corner bedroom cabinet units with impressive design, space and size will prove best for any home decor and will also make a person life easier. So check the price of the cabinets before buying them online to have a beautiful and attractive decor.


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