Arrange your bedroom furniture with quick Do’s and Don’ts

What could be the smallest definition of a bedroom? A place where you start and end your day. It is an area where you wake up all refreshed and want a peaceful nap at night. But, that’s not the sole purpose of a bedroom. As it is one of the most loved spaces in the house, you should decorate it with extra smartness. Arranging bedroom furniture might be a tricky job. However, a little understanding about the do’s and don’ts can make your sleeping sanctuary look beautiful.

Harley Bed With Storage (King Size, Mahogany Finish)

We are covering next, the ways via which you can arrange your bedroom furniture to make it look like the way you dreamt of.


1.Start measuring: Going out and buying new furniture is an easy sledding. But, before that measure the dimensions of your room and the already seated furniture. All the measurements must be written down, and you should carry a measuring tape as well while you go shopping. Make sure whatever you buy, it fits in the place without any hitch.

2.Leave extra spaces on each side: Nothing looks bad than a cluttered area. Don’t dump the stuff and shrink the place just because you have space. If you have a vacated area of 26’’ inches between the bed and the wall, get a piece of furniture which covers less than 26’’. Let the furniture breathe from each and every side.

Brendan Upholstered Bed (Grey, Queen Size)

3.Can copy hotel rooms: You have seen the arrangements of hotel rooms. Despite being tiny in size, they are organised in a fine manner, which look uncluttered. Copy a couple of styles from there and implement them to decorate your bedroom. For example, put bedside tables, even if the area is congested. Get a swing chair, a padded headboard and other small stuff to arrange it luxuriously.

4.Consider functionality, then beauty: Who else doesn’t want a beautiful furniture? But beauty over functionality is wrong. If the furniture is unusable, then it’s beauty is a vain. Check out the necessities required, for instance, if you are sharing it one of more persons, make sure there’s separate armoire for each person, if television is an important piece, choose a right place to settle it, etc. Buy that unit of furniture which serves the function with its beautiful looks.

1.Don’t do under decorations: A small space is always deprived of any extra stuff you might desire to put in. Don’t pare back things to keep it shipshape. Sometimes, being extra organised can make things dull and unfashionable. Go for rugs, paintings, and decorative elements, and accommodate them in the bedroom.

2.Don’t place beds in front of doors: It’s common sense that placing the bed in front of the door won’t help you to achieve anything, but some people have a weird temptation of putting the bed in a manner that blocks the way partially. It doesn’t create any style, rather, looks awful. Also, you cannot go out of the room if, in case, any emergency arises.

Bolivia Multi Storage Bed (Queen Size, Honey Finish)

3.Abandon Windows: Windows are the focal locations of the bedroom; therefore, they should not be left naked. Don’t abandon them over the furniture. Most importantly, do not put the armoire to block the light. Apart from the furniture, windows are the elements that can enhance the charm of the room. Decorate them with fancy curtains and put wall hangings near them.

4.Don’t consider a single vision: Your bedroom is that place where you can put all your imaginations. Don’t stick to a particular model. Go beyond imagination and see what you can do apart from the usual arrangements. Try on custom designs that can be compatible with your dimensions. Choose a multi functional furniture, which looks good and serves various purposes at a time.

You are the sole decision maker of organising your bedroom, though, many times, decisions taken impulsively can make you unsatisfied. Therefore, think deeply and act wisely. At Wooden Street, you will find a large range of bedroom furniture to make the most of your bedroom. For all the fresh arrivals and new designs, check out our bedroom furniture gallery. Get the best discount offers and all the seasonal deals to purchase the furniture in economical prices. See your beautiful dreams turning into reality in no time.


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