Enlighten your exterior or interior of the house with different types of planters

Just like water, plants are the lifeline of individuals. They are the creatures which create an alluring environment and fills the house with positive energy. From small kid to old people, all love to plant them. But planting them in the beautiful planter box will add a decor accent to the house. They are the pieces which allow enjoying the beauty of flowers or the fresh taste of vegetables.


The wooden planters can be placed indoor or outdoor, hanged, put on a surface. They help in creating a dramatic focal point in the garden. The wooden flower vase filled with beautiful and colourful flowers whether placed against the walls or put in the middle of the room or outside the house; they will always create an enchanting ambience in the home. So have a look at various types of wooden pots to create a refreshing nook in the house.

1. Window wooden planter boxes: Window wooden flower pot designs add a dash of colour and old-fashioned charm beneath any window. They help in turning an unusual space into a gardening and alluring space.They can mount or can be placed near the window. One thing that needs to be kept in mind while hanging the planter boxes is that they can be easily accessed for watering and dead-heading.
2. Living wall planter: Take advantage of every available space in the living room by decorating it with wooden wall mounted planters. They can be used to display decorative plants or other accessories. The beautiful combination of wood and green plant also make a person think of relaxing walk into the forest.
3. Tiered Planters: If you love to fill your house with varieties of plants but doesn’t have enough space then tired planters are the excellent choice for you. They are the wooden plant stands which provide space for two or more plants, positioned one above the other. Most tiered planters use a metal framework to suspend one plant above the other.


4. Speciality Planters: Some wooden planters boxes are created with certain types to plant some specific flowers or plants. For example, berry jars are made specifically for strawberry or raspberry plants with small pockets for each plant. This works well for berries and other annual plants with shallow root systems because each plant has its pocket that prevents the roots from fighting for water and nutrients. This type of planter also makes an excellent growing container for cascading plants.
5. Creative Planters: You can also decor your space by customising planters according to your choice and style. You can use a bench to sit and to plant the colourful and enchanting flowers. You can also use an old bottle and recycled to create a planter box. Old bicycle baskets, cast-off work boots, tall sections of bamboo, hollowed tree stumps, etc. are all ideas for trash to treasure garden planters. So let your imagination run wild and recycle, all at the same time.


With increasing trends in fashion and decor, the use of planters too got increased. They are designed to provide an alluring, classic and elegant look to the house. Wooden planters are the pieces that solely impact the elegance of the garden as compared to other planter boxes manufactured from clay, plastic, etc. The intricate design carved on it and the finish over it add functionality to the room. They are the core of the open space in the house. Wooden flower pot designs bring positivity and fresh air. They are the perfect furniture which can complement traditional, modern and contemporary style decor. Also, the cleaning and maintaining them is an easy process. They are eye catching, sturdy and simple boxes that adorn the beauty of the house.Thus, you should buy wooden planter online which is assured to be durable and add a charm to the home.





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