Divan Bed- Outstanding features of this beautiful and comfortable furniture

Beds play a vital role in home decoration but buying it and making a right investment can be a tricky task. It is because there are different types of bed available online. But divans make a perfect choice among other types because they are less spacious, comfortable, stylish and portable. They are the furniture pieces which were traditionally called as the armless sofa, but nowadays a divan bed consists of spring base and are fully upholstered.


Diwan furniture involves two parts, one is the base part which is made up of the wooden frame surrounded by materials, and the other part includes a soft mattress which sits on the top of the base. Also, the divan bed online range is available in varieties of sizes, styles, and shapes. Divans got this name because they were usually found along the walls in the middle east. So before owning one such sitting cum sleeping furniture piece, have a look at the features of this great style bed.
1. Storage option: Most of the types of divan sofas are available with storage space under the bed. Sometimes the storage space is created in the form of drawers. These kind of divans serves as a space saving furniture as they work as sleeping and seating accommodation as well as a storage furniture. Divan furniture with storage works best in non-spacious rooms.
2. Size: Divan beds are commonly available in four sizes. These are a single bed, double beds, and extra large sized which includes king and super king sized beds. It depends on you which type of divan bed you want. Their size can also be customised according to your space and style.
3. Material: Material wise, divans are available in wood, metal, and leather. Wooden divan sofas are easy to maintain and are durable. They are crafted from solid wood and consists of beautiful patterns. Metal divans are strong but if attacked by rust may provide an ugly look to the room. Leather or fabric diwans make a style statement with their colours and patterns.
4. Accessories: Common accessories for divan beds are bed frame, mattresses, and bed posts if required.swayze-divan

5. Drawers: Depending on the size of a diwan the number of drawers varies from one to another. For single and double beds the diwan sofa or bed comes with one or two drawer options and up to four drawers for larger beds for extended storage purpose. Therefore, the bed works as closet also. Also, drawers can have knob or handles of different styles.
6. Legs pattern: Divan furniture are available with two options. Either it is available with gorgeous wooden legs or has casters and wheel.Wheel based divans provide a better scale of movability and while diwan beds with conventional legs provide better storage provisions. Both the options have advantages, and a user can opt between these two as per their personal discretion.
7. Divan top: The top of the divans are available with different options of the base.There is hard top with a solid base for placement of mattress and a sprung edge top with a layer of spring.The first option gives comfort and stability and the second alternative provides beautiful aerodynamics feature for the users and is liable to provide better comfort level while using the bed.


As in every home, furniture piece plays a vital role so does the divans play. They are also known as daybeds. Divans are the versatile piece of furniture because of their ability to convert from sitting area to bed quickly. They are the best furniture for small space houses. Divans, when used correctly, will prove best as it comes with all the features that one wish to have in the room. It comes with a mattress, a drawer to keep items and much more. A homeowner only has to understand the nature of his/her requirements before deciding on the style and size of the divan. So do your homework well and check the divan bed price before buying a less spacious bed or single bed and thus sleep and sit well with all the comfort and privacy.


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