Give a stunning look to your kid’s bedroom with Bunk Bed

Setting up a child’s bedroom with bunk bed is fun and creative way of decorating interiors. Bunk beds are a great space saver furniture piece for the room. They are furniture piece which is ideal for a room which is shared by two children or even one where a child has guests over. A wooden bunk bed is also useful where space is at a premium like in cabins.

Hercules Bunk Bed With Storage (Walnut Finish)

While bunk beds for kids is relatively a basic idea, they come in wide varieties of designs, styles, shapes and even colours. Choosing a perfect bunk bed for your child might be a daunting task. When selecting a bunk bed, there are more safety measures, and you want to please your child in addition to being happy yourself. So take into consideration below points to have a happy and fruitful purchase.

1. Measure the space: Bunk beds are a natural fit for small spaces and can provide plenty of benefits to large rooms too. So measure the ceiling height along with the floor space. Leave at least two feet of space between the bunk bed and the ceiling to prevent bumps. For floor area, keep in mind that different style bunk bed requires different space. Like a twin bunk bed might not need more space than a standard twin bed, some of its unique features such as pull-outs like drawers or trundle beds will require more room, as might an L-shaped bunk bed.

Garfield Bunk Bed (Dark Teak Finish)

2. Determine the style of Bed: There are many styles of bunk beds available online such as standard twin-over-twin, loft, trundle and futon. To make bunk beds feel more playful, you can arrange bed in perpendicular form to have an L-shape. There are also beds that stack a twin on top of a queen-size mattress, and this design works well for guests or for older children who prefer a larger bed. There are also configurations that offer triple sleeping surfaces. So choose the particular style of bunk bed according to your interior, and that satisfy your needs.

3. Determine the feature: For children who like to have friends sleep over, bunk beds with pull out drawers or beds or futons are good options. You can pick out bunk beds that come with the features you desire or buy them as add-ons. Such as storage or play features such as slides or tents are available, depending on the age and needs of your child.

4. Select the material: An important aspect when purchasing a bunk bed for children online is the material. Bed frame made up of metal is durable and gives a modern and classic look, but it tends to have alignment issues and can be unsafe for children. If you are looking for a fun design, wooden bunk beds work well. They are durable, blend perfectly with other furniture pieces and come in many designs and shapes.

Cheshire Bunk Bed With Storage (Dark Teak Finish)

Knowing the guidelines of buying a bunk bed, you must be having an urge to set up a bunk bed in your child bedroom. So have a fantastic purchase.

At Wooden Street, you will get all the varieties of kid’s bed at an affordable price. They guarantee the best quality of bunk beds in all the latest designs and colours so that everyone can find their match. They also offer the customization facility and interior design service along with free installation services to their customers as an advantage.

Bunk beds are ultimate space saving beds and are part of every kid’s fantasy bedroom. They are not only fun but are practical too. Whether you have two children sharing a room or one child who likes to host sleepovers, you will appreciate having an extra bed that doesn’t take up any extra floor space. So add a life to the kid’s bedroom by purchasing a beautiful and stylish bunk bed which has all the safety features.


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