Benches Online buying guide -To have an extra seating space in the house

Benches and stools not only serve as a seating option near the shoe rack or near the window, but they also act as a decorative furniture piece of any household. Benches with storage options provide an organised look to the house. So make a checklist depending upon the consideration and style because adding a stylish, and affordable seats in the home will provide an inviting look. A wise decision will give you a lot of satisfaction with a long time comfort.

Be it a corner of the room or an area near the shoe rack or a place just below the window; every home has such unused space in the house. And to fill this space benches & stools make a great option. A wooden bench is a kind of seating furniture that offers more communal essence than individual chairs. They are the furniture piece which brings fun and style to the interior as well as the exterior of the house.
Earlier benches were considered as a lower class of seating when chairs were reserved for the higher society and more important people in society. But now, they have become more comfortable seating piece of furniture, while their partnership with tables is a very common site in public outdoor areas. So have a look over the guidelines of buying benches and stools online in India to have a decorative and stylish home.

Arellano Bench (Black Finish)

1.Consider the space: Decide where, for the most time, you will keep your bench and stool for relaxing or seating because this may affect the material and weight of the chair. Outdoor stools and bench sets should be built to withstand weather, moisture, rot, and other challenges brought from spending time in the open and should be heavier to stay in position and withstand strong winds. Whereas if planning to keep indoor, then it should be lighter and cheaper.

2. Consider the size: Size factor relies on one question that how many people you want sitting on a bench at a time. A bench of size 4ft can occupy two people at a time. Length more than this can hold three to five individuals. Thus take this into consideration before purchasing benches online.

3. Material: The type of material used to craft a bench can determine many of its functionality. The wooden benches are unique in design and are durable and sturdy and can be placed in the interior as well as the exterior of the house.The Fabric stools add a dash of elegance and colour in the room with its pattern and style and are suitable for indoor use only. Benches made from MDF wood or veneer or plywood are cheaper in cost and are weaker. So stick to the material which satisfies all your needs, and that perfectly fits into your home decor.

4.Style and type: A lot of styles and types of benches are available online like traditional style one seater or two seater bench with storage, modern style upholstered stool, bench with backrest and armrest, black finish bench with open space to keep books and newspaper and much more. Traditional style stool and benches are designed for comfort and have different pattern arms and backs while the contemporary ones are sleek in style and have geometrical shapes which work well in minimalistic rooms or ultra-modern living spaces. Thus select the style which completely complements your decor along with your lifestyle.

5. Budget: Don’t forget that you will be using your bench as an extra seating furniture every day for the foreseeable future. So think about the budget, quality and day-to-day use before buying a stool online. Also, check the guarantee provided by a particular brand to have a peace of mind because you are making a permanent investment, so the structural warranty is equally important.


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