First step towards child’s growth- Kids Bed

Whether its your toddler’s first bed or you are planning to re-decor your kid’s room, buying kids bed is an exhilarating experience. Buying a kids bed is not as easy as it sounds like. There is a lot more to do than just going to the market or buy kids bed online. It is not at all just a simple purchase. While buying other furniture items, you need not think that much, as you are required to plan before buying a bed for kids. From bed time stories to late night pillow fights, most of the childhood memories of your kid wander around a bed. Now when your little one is big enough, its time to buy a kids bed. Before buying a bed for kids room, consider the needs of your child and then move ahead for a decision.


1. Safety: You cannot compromise with your child’s safety at any cost. Kids have a tendency to toss and turn while sleeping, make sure the bed you are buying is safe enough for your child. Go for beds with side rails, which eliminates the risk of falling from bed when asleep. To prevent the baby from slipping out, you must not ignore the safety factor.
2. Height: Choose a bed which is not very high from the floor. As even after having safety rails, a child can fall off because rails can only prevent your child from slipping and not climbing. A bed, lower in height is more suitable for your kid’s room to minimise the injury that can be caused if in any case, he/she falls.

3. Space: Kids beds, being smaller in size, sometimes does not provide enough space for your child to sleep comfortably. Thus, before buying kids bed, do not forget to check that would the space be sufficient for a kid to sleep in a relaxing manner. Also check, whether the bed provide proper space to stretch hands and legs without getting hit by the rails. Apart from that, make sure the bed does not suffocate the child.
4. Storage: Kids beds come in a variety of options and styles. If you are in short of space and always gets confused where to keep your kid’s toys, You can buy kids bed with storage as kids beds also come with a storage option. Though they may not provide you very large space but are best suitable to store your child’s toys, books, clothes, etc.
5. Style: Well, the style of kids bed totally depends on parent’s tastes, as your child is not grown up enough to take decisions. But do consider your kid’s personality and interests before selecting a bed. If you are blessed with a little princess, you can opt for a bed which is pink in colour or have Disney prints or design. If you are a proud parent of a baby boy, then, you can go for blue colour, car prints or any other cartoon character of your son’s choice.

6. Smooth edges: Making so hard efforts for finding a bed with side rail is not an end. Other than that, you must also check whether the bed has smooth edges or not. As beds with sharp and rough edges can hurt your child. To avoid injuries, you should go for a bed with smooth, neat and round edges.
7. Weight limit: This is the point which most of us ignores while buying a bed for kids room because we are not aware of the fact that there is any such option mentioned. Ensure that the design you have selected can withstand your child’s weight easily.


Along with that, do not compromise with the quality of the bed. Instead of spending hours in the market, you can also buy kids bed online. It is a great way to same time, money and efforts. You can go through millions of options available online for kids bed and buy one that would make a lot of difference in your child’s life.


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