Upholstered Beds or Leather Beds – The Ideal Choice for your Home

When looking for a bed that looks luxurious and seems comfortable, your choice would either be an upholstered bed or a leather bed. However, when it comes to choosing between the two, it is quite normal to get confused.
Both upholstered beds as well as leather beds are very similar in style. People who have bought either of them would have definitely considered both options at some point of time. In fact leather vs upholstery is quite a debate in the world of furniture. However, there is no way you can compromise – you will have to make one choice. Ultimately, it is your bed and your taste.


There are times when you want to go for a leather bed only because you like leather. However, it is always better to understand the pros and cons of both before making your decision.
Upholstered Beds
Fabric Upholstered beds come with headboards and frames that are covered and padded with fabric. They provide enough cushioning to lean back and relax, while appearing stylish and sophisticated. You don’t have to worry about your head colliding with the headboard painfully.


Leather Beds
A Leather bed is a type of upholstered bed which comes with a leather surface instead of a fabric one. Also, the frame here is usually one that is made of hardwood. Leather beds look classy and beautiful and they age very well with time.
Now that you know the difference between both these types of beds, it is time to compare the two, considering a few important factors…


Price definitely plays an important role while deciding between leather and an upholstered bed. Leather beds are definitely a lot more expensive when compared to the upholstered ones. Their frames are made out of hardwood such as mahogany, maple, teak or oak and are highly durable. It is a one-time investment and provides excellent value for your money. Many people, in their efforts to reduce their costs, go for beds that are made from fake leather or those that have softwood frames. However, this is not advisable as such beds do not last for long.


Leather beds are definitely more durable than upholstered beds since they are made of hardwood. However, there is no hard and fast rule that an upholstered one should not be made out of hardwood. If you can find one while looking to buy upholstered fabric beds online, you can enjoy using your upholstered bed for as long as you want.

Although leather beds are available in a variety of solid colours, it is better to go for an upholstered bed if you wish to make your bed match perfectly with your décor. You can even get one customized for your requirements by giving the exact texture, pattern and design of fabric.


Leather beds are very easy to clean. They do not accumulate dirt that easily. However, they may not be ideal if you have pets or kids at home. A good quality fabric upholstered bed on the other hand can make life easier if you have kids or pets. Make sure the fabric used is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Regular vacuuming should do it for you if you buy an upholstered bed. For tough stains or spills you can use a carpet-cleaning shampoo.


Quality is one thing you need to keep in mind, before running that online search on “upholstered beds online India” Make sure you consider all the above factors and come up with an ideal choice for your home.


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