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The Style, Elegance and Comfort that a Double Bed can offer to your Home

Also known as a full-size bed, a double bed is one that measures 53 inches in width and 75 inches in length. It is not exactly what you get by putting two standard single beds together. It is very comfortable for a single child or adult; but not so ideal for a couple.
Until the early 1900’s, a double bed was considered as the standard mattress size for a couple. With time, couples started preferring queen size and even king size beds for better comfort. You can toss, turn or even sprawl out on your double bed as long as you are the only one sleeping on it.

For small apartments that have limited bedroom spaces, it would make a lot of sense to look for double beds online. Apart from giving you your own private sleeping space, this will also make your bedroom spacious enough to move around. You can even get some extra storage space by going in for a double bed with storage. You will find lots of such amazing options when you look for double beds online.


Kids who move around a lot in sleep find double beds more comfortable than the standard single beds. You can use the extra space to join your kid in bed and maybe cuddle up or read him a bedtime story. The wooden double bed may even provide generous space for those dolls and stuffed toys that your kid loves to sleep with. You don’t have to go hunting for a mattress when a friend of your kid decides to come for a sleep over.
Moving double beds from one room to the other is easier when compared to doing the same with a queen size or a king size bed. They can easily go through narrow doors and hallways, around tight corners and even up the stairs. The mattress that you have to buy for this bed would be much cheaper than a king or a queen. You can enjoy a wide variety of duvets, bed sheets and pillow cases without spending too much of money.


All said, double beds are not meant only for small spaces. You can easily accommodate two of them if you have a large room. Here is a simple way to make your large bed room look stylish:

  1. Put up a nice artwork or an eye-catching headboard at the centre of the main wall in your room
  2. Place a night table just below this
  3. Position the double beds on either side of this table
  4. Accessorize your room and work around your décor around this center piece, which will act as the focal point of your bed room

Whenever need be, you can always pull out the night table and join these two beds to create more space and cuddle up comfortably.
You can create more such arrangements by putting in more creative thoughts. However, it is very important to get your dimensions right before you go on to buy double bed online. You need to have enough space around your bed to move around and to place other pieces of furniture such as night stand, side table, etc.


Before you finalize on that double bed furniture don’t forget to check for the right material, type and finish. It is better to shop around a bit, check out a few brands, compare a few pieces and then make your choice.
Wooden Street offers a huge variety of double beds that cater to every requirement and budget. Whether you are looking for a plain wooden double bed or a double bed with storage, you are going to find it all here.
So, look around and make your choice right away!


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